6 Trendy Wedding Flower Ideas You'll See in 2022

Updated: Apr 23

Weddings are back, and so are statement-making blooms.

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by Samantha Iacia Updated Feb 25, 2022

Every year, one of our favorite things to do is get a first-look at the newest and most exciting wedding trends, from fashion to decor, food, entertainment and more. The same goes for the 2022 wedding flower trends, which come with an added bonus—they're just so pretty to look at. With this year bringing a wedding boom and the general return to normalcy, there are a lot of noteworthy wedding flower ideas on the horizon. After months (or years) of waiting, engaged couples are eager to throw celebrations that are bigger and better than ever, so it's no surprise that floral arrangements are following suit. To get the scoop on the most popular wedding flower trends for 2022, we reached out to pro wedding florists and other industry experts, and they all had one answer in common: color, color and more color. Above anything else, we can expect to see centerpieces, wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and other arrangements filled with vibrant, eye-catching hues that make a statement. The reason? Couples are eager to decorate their weddings in the most uplifting way possible, and cheerful color palettes are the perfect solution (if you need even more proof, just check out the top wedding color trends of the year). Over-the-top floral installations are another big trend (pun intended) for 2022, and they're expected to be paired with boldly colored blooms to maximize impact. But with the average cost of wedding flowers coming in at $2,300, combined with ongoing supply chain issues, some couples are also being more selective with their wedding flower arrangements. This could mean opting for alternative, locally grown foliage and greenery to add texture, or paring down a wide variety of flowers to just one or two budget-friendly options that are easily sourced during your wedding season. "Couples are loving blasts of color and oversized floral installations, but we have to be practical in managing what's possible between flower shortages and rising costs," says Tara Fay, owner of Tara Fay Events in Dublin, Ireland. "Behind the scenes, there's literally a perfect storm for the floral industry. Increasing fuel costs mean higher energy costs to heat greenhouses, as well as higher shipping costs to transport flowers. The good news is natural foliage can grow with more flexibility—in climate, geography—and often with less regular maintenance than flowers require." If you're in the midst of wedding planning and looking for wedding flower ideas, this year's trends have something to offer for everyone. And no matter what you choose, remember that your floral arrangements are a tried-and-true way to bring life and personality to your wedding decor, which is ultimately the goal. Keep reading for our favorite expert predictions and how to use these 2022 wedding flower trends for your own special day. 1. Colors Galore

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"It feels like everyone wants to be surrounded by joyful color this year," says Lilli Wright, owner and creative director of Mimosa Floral in Brooklyn, New York. "A lot of our 2022 couples are really leaning into vibrant colors and daring to go beyond the classic whites, greens and neutrals, and we're loving it! It might feel crazy to step outside the traditional white wedding palette, but if color brings you joy, lean into it." If this year's trending wedding colors are any indication, yellow, fuchsia pink and Very Peri, the Pantone Color of the Year (a light periwinkle lilac tone), are just some of the floral hues on our radar. Think these colors are only for spring and summer weddings? Not so fast. By pairing brightly colored blooms with darker floral accents, like burgundy, rust orange or chocolate brown, your florist can easily transition them for fall and winter ceremonies. A final perk when opting for a bold color palette: more variety. "Choosing to incorporate different colors gives your florist more flowers to work with, and it shows you trust them to create floral art that is unique to you and your event," says Angela Moore, owner and designer of Serendipity Floral Design in Cottleville, Missouri.

2. Maximalist Installations

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Going beyond the basic bouquets and centerpieces, one of the biggest wedding flower trends of 2022 will have blooms showing up in unexpected places and ways throughout the venue. "Whether it's a dramatic ceremony install or flowers suspended overhead, that WOW impact is definitely in demand this year," Wright adds. "Consider going for a more minimalistic design on your tables so that you can splurge."

Exactly how dramatic you can go with your floral installations will depend on your wedding venue, including the existing structures and what is or isn't permitted in terms of decorating. But don't be afraid to think outside the box for your wedding day, whether that means going beyond standard tabletop arrangements for hanging centerpieces, creating an Instagram-worthy photo backdrop for your reception or bringing in rental structures to really customize the space (and provide more opportunities for flowers). "A major flower trend we are seeing (and loving!) for our 2022 weddings are dramatic floral endcap moments for guest tables, especially for a sweetheart table or head table," says Twyla Reimer, owner and lead stylist at Remi + Gold in Austin, Texas. "As you are planning your wedding, think about moments that will be the first impression your guests have as they enter."

3. Unique Textures